Sustainable Food For the Globe

Future Pioneers: The Childrenimage

We are already working our third #SFFTG book: “Sustainable Food for the Globe; Future Pioneers, The Children” and look forward to publishing by late 2017.

There are many issues to discuss and question. One of our main concerns is how can can our children learn to value Mother Earth if they do not interact with nature on a regular bases?

How can we empower our children with the skills and tools they will need to deal with such an uncertain future?

Our collaborators have many innovative solutions. They are botanist, horticulturist, school teachers, master gardeners and many more who have the best interest of our future pioneers at heart.

Our blog will be up and active this month. We ask you to share your stories with the rest of the world!

Take Care and Stay Safe,


* Image: Bing Photographs