Back To The Drawing Board.

Well all the authors contributing to the book, “Sustainable Food for the Globe; Future Pioneers, The Children” have been at work, writing for the last 2 months and now are ready, willing and able to move forward into round 2!

The last 2 months the team of authors has been busy working together to create a cohesive message and the first rough drafts for book #3 on the Sustainable Food for the Globe series are in!

I must confide in you that I am not worried about my hair turning white. Been there, done that!

Now my real concern is losing the remaining hair on my head! Hum… Ok, Sorta, Kinda, Maybe… well, it is true that I don’t want to go bald, but stuff like that happens.

Th main concern on my mind right now is – will Alyssia, Brenda, Carolyn, Julia, Nathalie, Phyl, Rachel, Robina, Sara, Shelly, Tracy and Vimala accept the editor’s edits?

Is this the beginning of mayham? Alright, maybe not mayham. Still, it is the beginning of each author’s public journey.

Up until December 20th, all the authors’ thoughts and creative ideas had been private. Now, these thoughts and ideas are on paper. They have emerged into our would.

For the next 3 months the group of authors, editors and publisher will be meeting, dicussing, writing, rewriting, reviewing, back and forth with one goal in mind – to place each word in the exact and precise order.

Why will everyone work so hard to place each word into the exact and precise order?  Because these treasured thoughts come from the author’s’ hearts and souls. They have shared these nuggets of wisdom to empower the children the children safeguarded by you.

Let’s see what happens now. Will you join me to sneak a peek behind the scenes?

Norma Burnson


Oh my goodness! Ask and you shall receives… Yesterday was a fantabulous day! (Yes, I made that word up. Just don’t tell Robina. Ok?)

Kevin and I went on an adventure yesterday. I cannot write much about it yet, but I am very happy. If everything works out, we will have four new Young Ambassadors. There are only 5 openings and the first Young Ambassador is Shellie Hipsky’s daughter, Alyssia. Alyssia is 12 years old.

The rest of the candidates range between the ages of group 12 to 14. This group of 5 young minds will be put to the highest and most difficult test of our time: “What is your plan for the ethical stewardship of  Mother Earth’s sustainable resources?”

In 2012 I accepted first hand the challeged posed, to me and a large group of entrepreneurs, by Sir Richard Branson. “Plan A is not working. We need to go to Plan B.” So I wrote my first book, “Sustainable Food for the Globe, One Square Foot at a Time.”  

Now it is time for me pass that challenge along to 5 candidates to be appointed Young Ambassadors.

I look forward to accompanying them on their magical thinking journey. Thinking that is limited only by their imagination. Hey, we put a man on the moon and submarines in the depths of the ocean. Steven Jobs develpoed his ideas with several friends in his father’s garage.  

Can you imagine what the dreams and aspirations of a 12 or 14 person might be?

Well, I am ready to find out. Are you?

Future Pioneers, Who are they?

Next Saturday will be a super-special day!

25 “Future Pioneer” candidates will be put to the test. Do they have what it takes to be a co-author and collaborator for the book “Sustainable Food for the Globe; Future Pioneers, The Children”?

Can they tell tell us where potatoes come from? True or False: A bag of potato chips?   What are good bugs? True of False: Lady bugs are good for the flowers and plants? Bonus question: Where do butterflies come from?

Well, next Saturday, our Future Pioneers will go through a test of stregth, courage and stamina! Are they strong enough to lift 3 gallons of mulch? Do they have the courage to find grubs in the lawn? Do they have the stamina to push a wheel barrel?

Those are just a few of the challenges they will face! I have so many questions to ask them about Mother Earth, Water, Trees and more.

Do you have you have any challenging questions about sustainability that you want me to ask these young brave future pioneers? If yes, please post your questions in the comment section below. 

I wonder? How many pizzas pieces will each pioneer eat? Hum… I better prepare well for this pizza piece challenge.

Wish me luck!


Congratulations Callum! Well done Mommy! 

Callum, pictured above, was born with a number of severely dangerous allergies. His mother, Nathalie Newman, took this situation and developed solutions to deal with Callum’s life threatening allergic reactions. Her work has helped millions of moms save and secure the lives of their children. 

Now, Nathalie’s blog, “The Intolerant Gourmand” has been nominated for the Allergy Blog Award – Uk. There are 2 contenders left! So Callum and Nathalie need your vote.

I invite everyone here to visit the link posted below and vote for Callum and Nathalie’s blog the “Intolerant Gourmand”. I voted. Please vote and share.

I am so proud to know someone like Natalie Newman, a dedicated young mother and true Humanitarian in the service to others. 

Nathalie, I am thrilled to count on you as a friend and collaborator on our forthcoming book.

Wishing you and Callum all the very best!

Norma ~ ❤️🔥🔥🔥

Who is Dr. David Chalk?

MENSA International acknowledges that Dr. David Chalk possesses one of the brightest minds on the planet today.  He has advised clients such as Bill Gates, Martha Stweard, Admiral Mike Mc Connell and Brian Scudamore.

Dr. Chalk is a living example of someone who has learned how to live and thrive even when faced with a number of daunting disabilities. He is a mentor and role model to many, including yours truly.

I met David during a workshop. What I remember vividly about that day is that how Dr. Chalk invited all attendees to keep in touch and be sure to contact him if we needed any help. He is a man of his word. To learn more about Dr. David Chalk*, you can visit his website by using the following link:

Sustainable Food for the Globe, Everyday People Producing Food in Abundance by Norma Burnson, 4/2015
“An Eye-Opener. An Inspirational book by Norma Burnson that offers knowledgeable and insight on the word and food sustainability.  Norma offers much rich information that will change your view on how we can sustain the planet. It is a real treat to read.”

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Review by Dr. David Chalk

* Someday I will write a short story about how our friendship started on the wrong foot.