We are all accountable. By Norma Burnson


IMG_5918These children’s shoulders are too small to carry this burden. This situation is infuriating.

Honest to God, from the perspective of a Veteran and food production advocate, this situation looks like a set up.

Suspend belief for a minute and consider this, as sustainable resources like clean water, air and food dwindle the haves are getting rid of the have nots. Concurently the race for A.I. development intensifies.

Driverless cars, automatic groceries check out, etc. – creating a huge number of disengaged and desensitized people.

As I work on my next book, Sustainable Food for the Globe; Future Pioneers’ The Children (#FPTC) my focus has shifted from one of consern to that of being alarmed for the safety of our children.

Attacking innocent children! That is pure undisguised evil! Check out what Leslie E. Gibson (@LeslieEGibson2) posted about children who survived the Parkland Florida shooting.

I am royally pissed off. All I have to say, this evil shallnot pass. Not on my watch.

And for heaven’s sake stop spouting “Someone should do something”. You are someone and you can do something. Get off your ass, fight and kick back this infestation darkening our spirits. You don’t need a semi-automatic rifle, Jesus didn’t, Mother Theresa didn’t, Ghandi didn’t and the great founding fathers of this country didn’t either.

Look in the mirror, give yourself a good long look then give yourself a reality check. If you don’t like what you see the do something to better yourself. Use the code word “Accountable”.

Give a voice to the voiceless.

Truly Pussed Off,


Norma Burnson


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