It wasn’t wanted. By Norma Burnson

There is an abandoned house across the street from my dearest friend’s house. It has several signs, one says “for sale” and the other says “condemned property, public nuisance”.

From my second floor window I see people walking by and giving it that look. You know, the “it wasn’t wanted” look. Nonetheless, one day I will buy that dilapidated little house and with lots of love, sweat and tears bring it back to life.

“Why?” You might ask. Well I remember hearing that someone once said something like, Some people see what is and ask why. I see what can be and ask why not.

What do I see? In my mind’s eye I see all the land around that little house and imagine a garden full of flowers, fruits, vegetable and then some. In my mind’s eye I see young children and gray haired grandmas tending lovingly to an ever expanding community garden.

And inside that dilapidated little house I see a tinny tiny art galley. On the walls are drawings of the garden that where painted by the children.

We hang them up on the gallery walls in the fall and then throughout the winter the children visit the tiny renovated house to write stories about each painting.

As spring approaches the children prepare seedlings and such. Then when the weather is right the planting begins. But this time when new visitors come by instead of finding a dilapidated little house, they are greeted by young historians ready to share with others the story of the beautiful little house “that wasn’t wanted”.

And with every passing year, the young historians welcome a new group of Future Pioneers to the Children’s garden and together eagerly await to see how Mother Earth brings their stories and their paintings come to life.


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