Child Development, Back to Nature: Eric Assadourian’s Interview on Nature Preschools with David Sobel.

Back to Nature and back to blogging for me.

Well the book “The World We Leave Our Children” by William Sosinsky is finally published. It is the first book from my publishing house The EUC2 Press. There is a lot of catching up to do since my last posted.

For now, I want to share this interview of Daniel Sobel. Eric Assadourian gets straight to the point and asks the question “What are the benefits of young children’s active involvement with nature?”

In previous posts I brought up concerns about the disconnect between children and Mother Earth.

In this interview, Professor Sobel explains this phenomena in more depth and in an relaxed and easy to understand manner. (Quite an eyeopener).

As one begins to see firsthand the benefits children receive from Interacting with nature, the more we will be compelled to keep our home, Mother Earth, vibrant and alive.

You know, there are plenty of discussions about us humans moving to other planets. Realistically, I don’t like long trips. Plus I hear the seating is very limited and the price per person is in the millions of dollars. (I wonder if the cost of the food is included, or will one have to pay more just to eat? For heaven’s sake, how many pieces of  luggage will they accept before adding overage charges?)

If you are like me, I would rather stay home and work in my own garden, that way I am damn sure of what is in the food I eat and get’s prepared for my family.

So heck,  if you plan to stick around, take time to come by, check out what’s happening with the book “The World We Leave Our Children”.

It is nice to be back,

Norma Burnson

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