TSM 16-47 Sustainable FOOD for the Globe

Sara is visiting her home childhood in England. So that is a good enough reason to revisit a show. Hum, let’s see? Hey how about my interview? 😎

Thank you Sara,

Norma Burnson

Self Discovery Media Community

Their Story Matters with Sara Troy and her guest Norma Burnson on air from November 22nd 


In my heart and soul I am happiest in a garden. I believe that a garden is the closest we’ll get to God while here on Mother Earth.

Journaling since the age of 12, it wasn’t until I reached the age of 58 that I began writing books. Now I am working on my 3rd book, “Sustainable Food for the Globe; Future Pioneers, The Children”.

Sustainable Food for the Globe stands for wholesome food production, rescuing wasted food and educating our “Future Pioneers” to become ethical stewards of all things found us – here our home, Mother Earth. As a co/founder of Energime University she believes in our ability to sustain our world through education and innovations.  http://energimeuniversity.org

norma-burnson-portrait-pdfIn 2013, Mrs. Burnson received the Delegate Award from The International Women’s Leadership Association in…

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