Yep, It’s Here…

Hello Everybody,

The nightmare has begun!

The first time I wrote a book it was nerve wrecking. A few hours before submitting my completed, revised, re-revised, beautifully  edited manuscript the hard drive on my computer crashed!

I will tell you more about that at another time.

The second book for the Sustainable Food for the Globe series was ready. It was my beautiful little fella ready to debut into the world. A second book, it would be as easy a apple pie. Ha! You think?!

Fast forward to book 3 in this series. The contributors for this books have started submitting their chapters. It is a wonderul moment. It is a celebration of seeing the thoughts from the author’s mind enter into a world where words come to life and BAM!

The Gremlin Miester in charge of messing up author’s submissions pops up laughing, “Norma, You really think this book will be ready by the publication deadline? Ha, Ha, Ha! You are hilarious!!!”

The Monitor on the computer died! My iPad is caught in a loop. Best Buy Geek squad is asleep. Hewlett-Packard customer service transfer me to a techno geek who doesn’t speak English!

And of course the pen just ran out of ink!

I need a Piña Colada…


Norma Burnson


* Photograph ~ The Purple People Eater,

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