Hello There… Today is January 3rd, 2017.

What a rush! 2017 is here!

What are your dreams for 2017? So… did you make any New Year’s resolutions? You did! Please do take a few minutes to share them and let everyone know all about your dreams. Many of us would love to read about your goals, so please do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

At this end, the next 4 months, our team will be working to meet the April 22, 2017 deadline in celebration of Earth Day.

So far so good!

Today we had the opportunity to read Dr. Julia Scalise’s first draft of her chapter “Medicinal Gardens“.

The information Dr. Scalise provides addresses various serious health issues including chronic fatigue, inflammation, toxins, etc.

Her advise encompasses how a “Medicinal Garden” can provide multiple health benefits to an individual, their family and their community.

I can’t tell you much more (for now). But I promise to share some of the behind the scenes “fine tuning” that take place between the author and their editor. Wild and wacky events for sure. (No hair pulling allowed – for now).

Lets make sure our Future Pioneers, The Children, have the knowledge and wherewithal to take on their dreams and hit the pavement running towards a glorious future.

Wishing You The Very Best,

Norma Burnson

*Image: Google Search

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