Back To The Drawing Board.

Well all the authors contributing to the book, “Sustainable Food for the Globe; Future Pioneers, The Children” have been at work, writing for the last 2 months and now are ready, willing and able to move forward into round 2!

The last 2 months the team of authors has been busy working together to create a cohesive message and the first rough drafts for book #3 on the Sustainable Food for the Globe series are in!

I must confide in you that I am not worried about my hair turning white. Been there, done that!

Now my real concern is losing the remaining hair on my head! Hum… Ok, Sorta, Kinda, Maybe… well, it is true that I don’t want to go bald, but stuff like that happens.

Th main concern on my mind right now is – will Alyssia, Brenda, Carolyn, Julia, Nathalie, Phyl, Rachel, Robina, Sara, Shelly, Tracy and Vimala accept the editor’s edits?

Is this the beginning of mayham? Alright, maybe not mayham. Still, it is the beginning of each author’s public journey.

Up until December 20th, all the authors’ thoughts and creative ideas had been private. Now, these thoughts and ideas are on paper. They have emerged into our would.

For the next 3 months the group of authors, editors and publisher will be meeting, dicussing, writing, rewriting, reviewing, back and forth with one goal in mind – to place each word in the exact and precise order.

Why will everyone work so hard to place each word into the exact and precise order?  Because these treasured thoughts come from the author’s’ hearts and souls. They have shared these nuggets of wisdom to empower the children the children safeguarded by you.

Let’s see what happens now. Will you join me to sneak a peek behind the scenes?

Norma Burnson

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