Oh my goodness! Ask and you shall receives… Yesterday was a fantabulous day! (Yes, I made that word up. Just don’t tell Robina. Ok?)

Kevin and I went on an adventure yesterday. I cannot write much about it yet, but I am very happy. If everything works out, we will have four new Young Ambassadors. There are only 5 openings and the first Young Ambassador is Shellie Hipsky’s daughter, Alyssia. Alyssia is 12 years old.

The rest of the candidates range between the ages of group 12 to 14. This group of 5 young minds will be put to the highest and most difficult test of our time: “What is your plan for the ethical stewardship of  Mother Earth’s sustainable resources?”

In 2012 I accepted first hand the challeged posed, to me and a large group of entrepreneurs, by Sir Richard Branson. “Plan A is not working. We need to go to Plan B.” So I wrote my first book, “Sustainable Food for the Globe, One Square Foot at a Time.”  

Now it is time for me pass that challenge along to 5 candidates to be appointed Young Ambassadors.

I look forward to accompanying them on their magical thinking journey. Thinking that is limited only by their imagination. Hey, we put a man on the moon and submarines in the depths of the ocean. Steven Jobs develpoed his ideas with several friends in his father’s garage.  

Can you imagine what the dreams and aspirations of a 12 or 14 person might be?

Well, I am ready to find out. Are you?

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