Congratulations Callum! Well done Mommy! 

Callum, pictured above, was born with a number of severely dangerous allergies. His mother, Nathalie Newman, took this situation and developed solutions to deal with Callum’s life threatening allergic reactions. Her work has helped millions of moms save and secure the lives of their children. 

Now, Nathalie’s blog, “The Intolerant Gourmand” has been nominated for the Allergy Blog Award – Uk. There are 2 contenders left! So Callum and Nathalie need your vote.

I invite everyone here to visit the link posted below and vote for Callum and Nathalie’s blog the “Intolerant Gourmand”. I voted. Please vote and share.

I am so proud to know someone like Natalie Newman, a dedicated young mother and true Humanitarian in the service to others. 

Nathalie, I am thrilled to count on you as a friend and collaborator on our forthcoming book.

Wishing you and Callum all the very best!

Norma ~ ❤️🔥🔥🔥

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