Welcome on Board Nathalie Newman!

Nathalie Newman has joined our group of authors and collaborators. She is the mother of two, a fantastic blogger and full of great ideas that she will be sharing here with all of us.

The Intolerant Gourmand, Nathalie’s blog, was created following the diagnosis of 18 severe allergies, 10 less so severe allergies, severe eczema and asthma in her young son Callum. 

Nathalie is well respected in the allergies and free-from arena for her fresh approach to working and living with allergies. She works as a freelance food writer, consultant and presenter, creating allergen free recipes for clients, and is also a qualified Nutritional 

Nathalie can often be found in the kitchen creating new recipes and testing them out on family and friends. She shares a wealth of recipes and information on her website, and offers support and guidance to those who need it most in the allergy world!

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