Welcome on Board Carolyn Dunagan!

Hello Everybody,

Help me welcome Carolyn Dunagan to the totally chaotic behind the sceens adventures of writing a book (and hopefully getting it published on Earth Day, 2017.)

Carolyn Dunagan will be writting a chapter for the book Sustainable Food for the Globe; Future Pioneers, The Children. She is a free spirit and the mother of four boys.

Originally from California, she now lives in Oklahoma. Something very interesting and quite delightful; Carolyn is an Ordained Minister – a God fearing woman, but what cracks me up is she loves Acid Rock! LOL! A true 60’s flower child. I surmise Woodstock is alive and well over there in her Oklahoma homestead.

This is the first time Carolyn will be collaborating on a book. None-the-less, she writes about her likes and life experiences on several Facebook pages. I have to look them up and I promise to post their links as soon as I figure out “how in the wide world of sports Sam hell” to post them on here.

Catch you later! ❤️🔥🔥🔥

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