Sustainable Food for the Globe.

The Remake of the Lord of the Rings by Norma Burnson

As an avid gardener, winter is the time to pour over seed catalogs and visualize what we are going to plant come the warm weather.

Well, honestly, I must have a bad case of cabin fever because I decided to visualize the remake of the Lord of the Rings. The trilogy of movies did very well at the box office. Tons of people rooted for Frodo! They watched the movies and bought millions of DVDs.

Ok, Frodo was a tiny fella given charge of a monumental task, keepsake the ring to save the world from destruction. In my remake I give Frodo heirloom seeds to save the world from the GMO (Generating My Obituary) Clan of heartless, ruthless villains.

In his quest Frodo comes across all kinds of trial and tribulations.
Some of his friends come along for the adventure, but along his journey kindhearted people and kindred spirits join Frodo on his quest. You see, some of the kindhearted people where very wise and could already see the horrors the GMO Clan had unleashed on the earth.

Shoot, the Lord of the Rings was made up of three long movies.
So, in my remake it will be a super abridged version.

Frodo is safeguarding the heirloom seeds. Walk, walk, danger, danger. Then he comes across something really horrible.
A crazed CEO has in mind a mission of destroying all the trees in the forests. One of his ideas is cutting down trees in pristine land
located in the Amazon forest to create “sustainable cocoa tree production”.

“Oh my goodness!” Frodo said. The crazed CEO replied: “It has nothing to do with goodness or clean air. It’s greed, greed, greed.
It’s profits, profits, profits!”

Frodo remained quiet and slowly the group found safety. Still, the question remained: “What’s That Freak Doing? He is killing the goose that lays the golden egg! ” In this case the goose is Youse and Meese.

So Frodo now is very stressed out. Frodo realized that the heirloom seeds he was protecting where needed to feed the people on the whole Earth!

When I saw Frodo in the movies, he was a tiny fella. Sort of tiny and innocent like the children of this world who are carrying the weight of human existence on their frail little shoulders.

So back to the fairy tale. Frodo and his companions run into all kinds of problems. One of the scariest situations the group found themselves in was the Kingdom of Congrass. The rulers of this once very strong and truly noble kingdom had fallen under the spell of the Deep Pocket Warlocks. The leaders of the Warlocks where to brothers from the land of Cotch. They had such great power in the Kingdom of Congrass, that all the inhabitants willingly agreed to be lobotomized and be forever indentured in Warlocks of Cotch perpetual servitude.

Frodo and his friends managed to escape undetected.

Ok, I have to go watch the movies again so I can finish my abridged version. Catch you later.

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